Every now and then, out of the blue, something can happen which shakes you up. So it must have been recently, just before 3pm, when Bargain Booze was raided, a member of staff threatened with a crowbar and the robber making off with the takings, to repeat the crime in Goostrey the same day. Thankfully no injury was caused, but the resultant sirens and helicopter search created a wide stir of interest.

After that, let’s have some good news. We now have a new Rode Heath councillor, Dr David Somerville, and we hope to bring you more detail about him next month. Also good is that Clerk Gary Roberts gives details of how the Clean Up grant awarded to the council has been spent on various sorts of equipment which can be used by local groups.
If you’re anything like me, the technicalities of computers and the internet are at most hazy, with my approach being that if they get me from A to B, I’m happy. Alas, others have a more penetrating understanding which they apply with malicious intent i.e. hackers. Thankfully, Hacker Hunter tells us in clear language how to check and what we should be doing to avoid being hacked.
Continuing our greening theme, we bring a simplified comparison chart of the growing number of brands and models of electric cars, which should help you towards a ballpark estimate of initial costs.
A different sort of greening is requested by Wild Flower Lover down on the Rise. More generally, the environment is moving centre stage, from the youngsters in their climate change protests worldwide, to individuals’ tiny changes like no more single-use wet wipes or plastic bottles. Equally, I’ve thought like many of you that some youngsters are losing touch with nature, so it’s good to see that Cheshire East
Rangers are arranging a whole series of events through the August holidays which will help remedy just that.
If you’re around, try to keep 31st August free for the Broughton’s Family Fun Day in aid of the school. All sorts of activities both outside and in are promised including those overleaf, with Pam persuasively working her magic on more potential contributors.
We’ve already had a sporting plethora of talent this summer, from women’s football World Cup, Wimbledon, golf, crowned by a Super Sunday of Djokovic v Federer, British Grand Prix and the Cricket World Cup. I wondered if this last one would inspire Roy, and he’s not let us down. It worked its magic not just on him, but his whole family too including the dog – I just wish all sports commentaries were as entertaining!
Alis Avis’ latest review reminds that me that there’s yet something else that I’ve missed and want to watch, this time the TV retelling of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the series which is already in the awards nominations. It’s still so topical, focussing on the gap between actual events and what the public get told (I was hoping to avoid Brexit!), but this film highlights how international reputations are pitted against saving lives.
Moving towards September, the village hall has yet another first, this time a folk duo act, whose harmonies you can get a foretaste of on YouTube.
It’s even not too early to think about next year, and Trish Barlow is advocating a village celebratory marking of VE Day next May, possibly incorporating floral garlands etc. We have long been a village that comes together for such things, so please let us know what you think.

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