Tues 19 Nov: Hue for Hanoi

A very busy day after only one night in Hue. First allowed myself to be led astray once more by Jane ‘s purchases, and even before 9.45am had bought a dress & had it altered in 5 minutes flat!
Trip on dragon boat up Perfume River to lovely pagoda buildings for Buddhist monks including novices aged 7-15.

Peaceful garden displaying feng shui principles

Then to a large citadel – the Vietnamese Imperial Forbidden City – very spacious and beautifully laid out. After seeing 4 distinctly different types of monuments, would never have thought I would find it so interesting with generally peaceful atmospheres.

Into Forbidden City
Royal Library
Outside Royal Treasury Building – lanterns Hue style

As soon as finished there in late afternoon, it was straight on to Hue airport for flight to Hanoi, the current capital city. In its 4,000 years’ history, Vietnam has had several capitals, under different rulers, e.g. French, South Vietnamese & North Vietnamese. After the war, Hanoi has been the capital since 1976, & is different from the South: plainer and poorer, more Communist, and from 30+° heat down by at least 10°. Hanoi has 9m people and 6m scooters.

Wholesale night market was starting as we passed at 20.35, with lots of white flowers (sign of autumn) arriving on individual scooters. Finally, a very late supper & straight to bed!